Vitaliy Lozovskiy

How to survive in a prison of Russia, Ukraine and post-USSR countries

Life in a prison - all you want to know about laws, customs and everydays life of a russian prison

Виталий Лозовский

My name is Vitaly Lozovsky. Was born in 1966. Live in Kiev, Ukraine.

I have spent 3 years in penitentiaries, having visited 12 different prisons of Russia and Ukraine. Subsequently I have written the book «How to survive and spend time with advantage in prison» (more than 400 thousand readers). Participated in a considerable quantity of TV and radio programs as an expert on customs of the criminal and prisoners society. Was an adviser at creation of some art and documentary films. Lead some Internet projects helping prisoners and their relatives. Give consultations.

I have a wide range of contacts among former and present prisoners in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former USSR, writers and experts, so I have complete idea about a current state of affairs in the penitentiary system here.

I can render services:

How to survive in a prison, book of V. Lozovskiy
  • To journalists, script writers, writers
    • Consultation on customs and laws of the Russian and Post-Soviet criminal and prisoner world, its slang and tattoos, conditions and life of places of imprisonment
    • Search of nominees for interviews and shootings among prisoners, former prisoners, professional criminals, writers and experts.
    • Interview for mass media.
    • My own articles for publication and translation
  • To private persons and organisations:
    • Search of prisoners in the post-USSR countries
    • Solution of a certain circle of their problems

I do not provide legal services, but I can help with search of reliable ones.

Read and write in English freely, speak well.

Some possible themes for journalists, writers and script writers:

  • What is necessary to know and how to behave in jails of ex-USSR countries
  • What one should never do and speak in Russian prison if he wants to survive
  • History and principles of Russian criminal tattoo
  • What tattoos are dangerous for having in Russia
  • Treatment to homosexuality in places of imprisonment of Russia and Ukraine
  • As it is possible to help a prisoner
  • Everydays life of inmates
  • Laws, concepts and customs of the criminal world of Russia and the countries of the former USSR
  • Laws of criminal honour as a base of everyday life in Russian jail
  • History of Russian criminal law
  • Hierarchy of the criminal world in the former USSR countries. Criminal authorities.
  • Internal justice amongst Russian inmates: simple but effective.

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